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    Each person has his or her own financial investment questions and goals.
    Through an individualized approach and understanding of these specific client circumstances, a relationship is affirmed between Bob and his clients.
    Along with the support from Summit Brokerage Services' experienced professionals, Bob works closely with his clients in managing their financial goals, by assisting them with current strategies for future goal attainment such as educational expense and preparation for retirement.
    Even though similar investments are maintained throughout our life-cycles, varying composition of these same investments may be utilized, differing of course, for those accumulating now for their future and for those experiencing "their future" now.

    The SELECTION PROCESS of investments for each individual is "custom fit" and monitored to the changing circumstances of the investor.

    ADDITIONALLY- Bob works closely with his clients' accountants and attorneys on their trusts, wills, tax and estate planning, and estate closings.
    With our personalized and planned approach of each client's individual circumstances, risk and reward parameters are monitored and managed reducing the typical confusion and concern in today's financial markets. The best risk management is to minimize losses and maximize profits.

    "I believe that 'added value' from the broker to the client is a must- to this end my clients receive superior service and timely responsiveness to their individual investment needs".-Bob Engel
    Serving Investors Since 1961

    REGISTERED REPRESENTATIVE: Principal/Supervisory, Financial
    Advisor, President, Robert S Engel Investments, LLC.

    Vice President- Financial Advisor, member President's Club, Advest, Inc.
    Assistant Vice President- Financial Consultant, member Chairman's Club, Merrill Lynch

    MANAGEMENT: Director of Sales with a Washington, DC regional brokerage firm.

    EDUCATION: University of Maryland; Staunton Military Academy.

    EXPERIENCE: Over fifty years investment experience advising;

    INDIVIDUALS and their clubs, associations and not-for-profit organizations.

    CORPORATE including: small business owners, corporate finance and underwritings.