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To GET STARTED, Bob offers a free introductory consultation to discuss your specific current financial position and your longer term goals. You may telephone Bob @ 1-800-223-0072 now, or simply Contact Us and fill in your contact information.

Thank you, Bob Engel

Many folks ask "how much (money) does it take to get started"? My reply over the years has been that we all have differing resources and ideals. I'm here to listen and discuss each person's particular situation in order to be objective in rendering suggestions. It truly depends again on the individual... from the person who knows what he or she wants and can do it now because there are sufficient funds, to literally the person who thinks he or she has enough but in realitydoes not, and therefore as an example, may initiate a $458 per month or aprx $5500 per yr investment plan in an IRA which in a year will total the approximate $5500 allowable contribution for one under 50.

Everyone each to his own means.

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